Many Businesses have a mobile website now. The reason for
this is they see the importance of mobile marketing and are trying
to take advantage of the fastest growing marketing segment in
America and the world today .

When your business decides to utilize qr codes into your
marketing campaigns, there is a lot to consider. Most important
is when someone scans your qr code it directs them to where
it is you want them to go quickly. No one wants to wait up to
45 seconds for a normal website to download on to a
smart phone and then it is very difficult to navigate because
the site it is not mobile friendly, or to a mobile site that is dull
that it does not work properly on their phone!

Most mobile websites are based off of wordpress sites & are
linked to a redirect that provides you not only with a
slower main & mobile site, it also provides you with false
traffic data to both sites. QR CODES can not be linked
properly to many of  the mobile pages in your site that are
not properly coded with the correct java script.
Limiting Your True Mobile Marketing Capabilities

But The Biggest Problem With A Wordpress Mobile Website

Is That Apple & Google are not big fans of Wordpress.
Apple & Google do not want the Wordpress mobile site to work
properly on their I-Phones or Droids.

How do we know this? There are 2 reasons,

Reason (1)
Apple and Google make way too much money with their APP Stores.

If the wordpress mobile platform works properly  their is no need
for an APP anymore!

Reason (2)
That is why you have to change the java script all the time.

When Wordpress gets it working right. Apple and Google
change their language so it does not work properly!

If you do not think this is not true ask yourself this question?

"Why did we never have to update our main websites java script
unless we were doing major changes to the format"

Apple and Google want you to have to build your own
APP on both of their platforms.

Our new  MOBY mobile platform is not only the world's fastest
& works on all smart phones, it also never needs to be updated.

That Is Why

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